SS 2018 -Range Previews

A peak behind the scenes: our new S/S 2018 ranges.

Hi-tech & digital collides with elegant, painted watercolours in Aztek Blooms X Pixel Pollen.  Modernism in architecture fuse with typographic form in Agata Tomaszeks “Poetry of Form“.

BOYD is back with his LND remix range & hard hitting Sithmas exclusives.  Hendrik & Tim Fowler independently give us their interpretation of “The Female Voice”.

Hand embellished metallics pressed onto G.F. Smith’s new Extract range of recycled papers, to give us “Coffee Lovers”.  Topolski’s creatures peer from behind boulders in an illustrated mini-range for discerning kids in “Curious Creatures”

Van Dooren hits the coast both physically and visually in a stunning range of work in “Distorted Horizons“.  Last but now least, Hendrik’s “Tropical Glitch” range steals the show, and you thought Tropical was dead?  Think again!


Tropical Glitch

A moody, edgy take on the current psycho-tropical trend. Mixing vibes of Miami Vice and Vaporwave. Neon colours vibrate and distorting bands intersect to create a range that is part 80, part 90s and very now.


Curious Creatures

Topolski’s creatures peer from behind boulders, clamber across stalagmites or perform clumsy acrobatics in a quirky world of muted colours. An illustrated mini-range aimed at discerning kids of all ages!


Pixel Pollen X Aztek Blooms

We kick off 2018 with a wave of new ranges. First up is a batch of floral editions carefully curated to compliment this seasons colours.

This range tackles traditionally decorative floral motifs with contemporary digital collage techniques. Hand drawn flowers are remixed into distorted, pixellated compositions mimicking floral wallpaper.


Distorted Horizons

Van Dooren hits the coast both physically and visually in a stunning range of work. A selection of key panoramas form the visual framework for an emotive exploration of paint plasticity versus disruptive digital remixing or harmonious digital collage.

At times the natural beauty of the landscape is represented in equally beautiful strokes of colour and at other times the land and sky is scarred. Are we supposed to read this apocalyptic vision as a legacy of the Windscale disaster or as a reference to classic British science fiction? The visual remixing is bold and exploratory in nature and like the best art, raises more questions than it answers.


Poetry of Form

is the end destination for Agata’s DMU Champion internship at Graffio. This is a range of work that deals  with Modernism in architecture and typographic form. The functionalism of Modernism is contrasted with playful, humanising motifs that link the different sides of Agata’s design practice. The letters of Poetry of Form are spelt out across the range in beautiful compositions that hint at the best and worst aspects of the Modernist legacy.


Coffee Lovers

Due in soon.

The Female Voice

Due in soon.



Due in soon.

BOYD – Sithmas

Due in soon.