Organic Art Prints – Roses

A rose is a flower, defined as a woody perennial from Rosa. There are at least 100 species of roses know to man.  They form a group of shrubs and trailing / climbing plants, which often have sharp prickles on the stems and branches.  Their flowers are large and range in colour  from neutral white through to vibrant yellows and reds.  They evolved from Asia, although there are species that have developed in Europe, America and North Africa. Roses are know for their fragrance & beauty, and as a result have been typically associated with love and romance.  Rose plants vary in size, and can go from miniature flowers all the way up to seven meters and more.  The name comes from the Latin – \”Rosa\” – which itself came from Greek language related to a Persian word : Avestan varəd.  In this sub section, you will find a good section of rose prints, from abstract and even street art – to classic macro photographs and black and white shots.