Hendrik is an East Midlands based digital artist, specialising and excelling in vector artwork & illustrations. He tries to distances himself from the modern age & keep\’s his feet (in his ’94 Air Max’s) firmly in the past. Inspired in part by the whole of the 1960’s, [the fashion, the interiors, the Psychedelia, the whole movement] Also, New Wave & pinup erotica in the late 1970’s, the bad haircuts & crap movies in the 1980\’s, the Sega Mega Drive in the 90\’s. And the decade you may ask? Well not a lot, except the Apple M.ac has set him up well…! A clear Nostalgic junkie, you will find some rare gems of the past in his work. Iconic 60\’s and 70\’s wallpaper sections, Psychedelic pop icons, Comic Inspired pieces, Germanesque Abstract, classic 70\’s / 80\’s cars, the list is endless.