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Interior Design Trends: 2012 - Britishness

Art & design with a British slant has been a popular choice for as long as we can remember, and continues to grow in popularity with all generations such as the old, youngand in between. Patriotic images of icons such as sporting heroes, the royal family, politicians, sports people and musicians are leading player in the Britishness category.

With the London Olympics being held in the UK next year, expect a fury of patriotic behaviour for the next 12 months.  Many London landmarks and traditional images such as red phone boxes, red open top double decker buses and tube maps to be popular choices.

The patriotic aspect of this type of art inspires a strong feeling of togetherness and will make it a real leader in the interior industry throughout 2012.  Breif overview:

  • Patriotism and Iconic British Imagery
  • Union Jacks
  • Royal related imagery
  • Maps and Cityscapes
  • Typography
  • Olympic Symbols of the past and present
  • Strong, Bold patriotic symbols 

  • Colours

    • Reds
    • Blues
    • Whites
    • Olympic Yellows
    • Greens

interior trends 2012 - british art

interior trends 2012 - uk art trends

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