Jaxxer interview for Abstract range

Q: How do you generate ideas and inspiration for new pieces of art? A: well we find inspiration on Pinterest and google and create our own Pinterest board to help us get ideas. Q: Who is your favourite artist? A: Shepard Fairey Q: How would you describe your personal style? A: Laid-back, but able to […]


What is Abstract Art?

Abstract Art is a 20th-century movement characterised by the reduction of natural appearances into simplified forms; for example, constructing art on the basis of geometric shapes or intuitive gestures. Abstract art movement is also known as the abstract expressionism. The abstract art movement started in 1940s in New York City. It was flourished in the […]

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What is Geometric Art?

What is Geometric Art? Clearly defined, organised perfection. This is not a niche that can really blend into the abstract. It’s about crisp lines and repetition. It first appeared almost 3000 years ago with the Greeks using it to decorate vases and progressed into mosaics with the Romans. Many of those early patterns are still […]

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New Artist interview: Kiddo von Blitzkreig

Von Blitzkreig’s style is relative to that which conveys messages about life and society. He aims to connect with a wider audience through the nature of his work and art. Q: What would you say the main themes in your work are? A: The main theme in my work is messages about life, society and human […]

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Being British

What is being British? Is it our love for the weather, our sarcasm as the highest form of wit or our eccentricity.  I have been fortunate enough to have travelled around the world and the British Traits are known to any native of the country you speak to, which is fascinating in itself. It is […]

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Customer Services Manager

Customer Services Manager Role Description: The customer services Duties and Responsibilities Providing help and advice to customers contacting the on-line brands Managing the customer complaint volumes using our system “Groove” Communicating courteously with customers by email Investigating and solving customers’ problems Issuing refunds or appropriate compensation solutions to customers Keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence […]

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Naima interview

Q – So then, Naima – you just finished your year doing a Business Admin apprenticeship at Whoartnow. How did you find it? A – The apprenticeship to begin with I found was a little tricky, as all the new things I had to learn, however as days went past I found it okay and […]


Kieran interview

Kieran interview Q – So then, Kieran – you just finished your year doing a production apprenticeship at Whoartnow. How did you find it? A – easy, I found no problems with any of the work and all aspects of my job role was explained well to me. Q – What sort of work were […]