What is Geometric Art?


What is Geometric Art?

Clearly defined, organised perfection. This is not a niche that can really blend into the abstract. It’s about crisp lines and repetition.

It first appeared almost 3000 years ago with the Greeks using it to decorate vases and progressed into mosaics with the Romans. Many of those early patterns are still seen today on an almost daily basis.

Working Title/Artist: Pyxis (box with lid)Department: Greek & Roman ArtCulture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: Working Date: mid-8th century B.C. Digital Photo File Name:DP102376.tif Online Publications Edited By Michelle Ma for TOAH 10_07_15

 Today, Geometric is gaining more and more popularity for it’s simple yet powerful design. It’s currently popularity stems from the trend for the Houndstooth pattern that had a resurgence a number of years back. The black and white Houndstooth pattern helped people to see the beautify in simple repetitive patterns.  Geometric will only get more and more popular as artists and designers experiment with not only the shapes but the negative space you can create.


Which artist are you most inspired by?

One of the best known artists to experiment with Geometric is M.C. Escher, http://www.mcescher.com/,  he was the technical side of art and is known for how organised his creativity was. Even now his work is still known for the tricks on the mind.


What’s the best way too display Geometric in the home?

This isn’t as easy as just hanging a print on the wall. You can of course and they’ll look amazing, but with geometric you can be subtler about it if you’re willing to put the effort in.

Geometric works amazingly well as part of the fixtures and fittings, it can work as wallpaper, tiling and even the flooring thanks to Parquet flooring.

Of course, not everyone can lay new flooring or re-tile the kitchen, but simple, well frames prints look best. Good repetitive patterns can also look really good on a box canvas if the artwork is correctly designed to wrap around the wooden box frame.


Greg Harper written for Whoartnow