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Made With Love Banner

FungiMaking something with your own hands is very rewarding. From flat pack furniture, a home cooked Sunday roast all the way up to a self built home. It’s a great feeling, being able to step back from something you’ve made and look upon it with pride and joy. What’s even better is making something with others, weather it be a best friend, work colleague or your family. Made With Love takes that idea and uses it to create a well designed, spacious, comfy and warm interior space which is perfect for the new home hub, the kitchen.

Made With Love takes it’s inspiration from the world around us. Unlike Finding The Way which takes its influence from the urban city life, Made With Love takes its influences from the natural world around us, the great outdoors and more specifically, woodland areas. Organic colours of brown, grey and blue are a perfect mix. It’s not all about colour though, materials and texture are just as important and key to successfully using this trend.

Sepia Chair

As you can see from the below colour palette, all the shades are very natural and organic. There aren’t any man made shades or bright hues. Carrying on from the nautral materials, wood, clay and stone have always been predominant building blocks of homes and this is carried throughout the trend. Deep browns of wood, soft clay and caramel browns and even delicate and pale browns all work and compliment each other. If you’re looking for soemthign other than brown, varying shades of grey from stone and deep blues of denim also slot in perfectly.

Robust and earthy, these shades would normally lead towards a larger room however, with careful planning, they can fill a small room with warmth and comfort. Natural light is key to this trend which I’ll talk about later on.

Rock Detail

Once you have your colours chosen you need to think about accessories. The most obvious place to start is furniture. The only way to go here with Made With Love is natrual wooden furniture. No metal and glass here! Avoid modern designs and painted finishes and instead look at either antique, or antique style. Brand new can work, but it would be better if you could buy aged or age the furniture yourself. Using sandpaper and stain can be enough to just take the “Machined” feel out of furniture. If you’re really brave, slight burn marks look amazing on vintage furniture just be very very careful! Made With Love can also pull off mismatched furniture. Instead of using 6 identical chairs around a dinning room table, why not 4 of 1 design and 2 of another!

The flooring of Made With Love is also very specific. Again it’s natural wood or stone flooring. If in a kitchen, go for stone in a deep shade. Conformity and neatness however, is not key. Varied sizes shapes and even shade of stone can look amazing on the floor. Have a look at the interior inspiration shot below and in the top right hand corner you’ll see some stunning rock done in this exact style.

Made With Love Palette

Key to added a little something special to this trend is the artwork. You should only be looking at Organic Art for Made with love. Classic photos in sepia tones look amazing as the soft browns pair well with the colour palette. If you want something with a little bit of colour, again look to photographs but with a bit of natural sky. Like the Fungi image at the top of this page, this small amount of blue will be an instant focal point when someone enters the room and will look amazing with the right shade of brown on the wall behind it.

Inspiration suggestion

So now you’ve read through that, does your idea match what it should look like? Well the picture to the left should give you some idea. Natural wooden ceilings and gorgeous stone work perfectly together. Nature and organic materials working in harmony. And what’s more natural and organic then sunlight and the great outdoors? Sunlight plays a huge role in the Made With Love trend and is vital to make it pull it all together. Darker shades of colours usually don’t work with small rooms and low ceilings, but as you can see in the picture on the left, it works well because of the large amount of natural light.

Artwork Used:

Banner – Avenue of Trees

Top Right – Fungi Photograph

Middle Left – Sepia Tone Chair

Bottom Right – Rock Detail

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