Jaxxer interview for Abstract range


Q: How do you generate ideas and inspiration for new pieces of art?

A: well we find inspiration on Pinterest and google and create our own Pinterest board to help us get ideas.

Q: Who is your favourite artist?

A: Shepard Fairey

Wood Detail_1

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Laid-back, but able to intensely focus on a task or problem and prone to immerse myself totally into a pursuit or hobby I find entertaining.

Q: What is your favourite art gallery?

A: West End Gallery

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have been given and what advice would you give to other aspiring artists?

A: Never stop exploring


Curator session

‘Jaxxer’ takes a laid back approach to art. No, this doesn’t mean he is careless. It simply means he focuses on surroundings and explores to find inspiration for his work rather than forcing ideas. Pinterest is a big part of curating. Using Pinterest boards is a way of taking old ideas and making them new and exciting. ‘Jaxxer’ is able to immerse himself in his work and focus on an idea or task to make it a creation. West End Gallery in the centre of Leicester is one of his favourite places to visit due to its cultural buzz and showcases of some of Leicester’s finest contemporary art http://www.westend-gallery.co.uk/  He names his favourite artist as American Contemporary Street Artist – Shepard Fairey and says the advice he gives to other aspiring artists and curators is ‘never stop exploring’.