Being British


What is being British? Is it our love for the weather, our sarcasm as the highest form of wit or our eccentricity.  I have been fortunate enough to have travelled around the world and the British Traits are known to any native of the country you speak to, which is fascinating in itself.

It is our traits that are endearing to us and interesting to non-Brits.  Are we really stiff upper lipped or do we drink tea all the time.

When I am away from this soil, I would always be excited to be somewhere that doesn’t rain.  However, once the sunburn begins to hurt and I’ve drank the local tipple, I always start to miss our ways and get homesick.
I realised, when I laughed at my own sarcastic jokes, I have no audience to appreciate with me. When I finally find somewhere I can have a ‘fry-up’, I am instantly disappointed that Bacon has not been invented in this country. My luggage would always be just slightly over the weight restriction, because the need to bring a waterproof jacket or an ‘extra layer’ is (part of my unconscious thought) being British.

The most common question I get asked whilst on holiday (particularly in Asia) is “Do you live in London?… so you must have met/seen the Queen? and I even hear “An Englishman’s voice is something of an aphrodisiac to American women” but, let’s face it, most men are fantasists.

 Tetley has conducted a survey of 2,000 people to find the most British of traits

The best part of coming home is listing all the complaints I wanted to make at the hotel. A soon as the plane ascends, I write profusely whilst having my last holiday alcoholic drink, to then (cowardly) email as soon as I can get Wi-Fi.  Alas, I soon become distracted, (not an excuse at all), I settle in at home from my travels and don’t actually send the email.
I suppose the feeling of release whilst writing was enough.
After all, it’s the thought that counts.

written by Ann Leeson

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“Our ‘Lizzie’ is well known and loved around the world and the fascination of our ‘Royals’.  As the nation flies our beloved ‘Union Jack’, us Brits will be showing everyone how to party.  Streets will be filled, with flowered tablecloths, pimms, teapots, cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponges and of course tea or lager.”

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